Kronborg - The historical statue of Ogier the Dane. Elsingore or Helsingør. Denmark

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Image ID: AX2J8Y
Kronborg The historical statue of Ogier the Dane Elsingore or Helsingør Denmark Ogier the Dane is in Danish called Holger Danske The legend explains that Holger Danske was the son of a Danish king and was sent as a hostage to Charlemange the Roman Emperor He did many heroic deeds for the Emperor and the wars against the Saracens in Spain Ogier is first mentioned in the Song of Roland or the chanson de Roland from the 12th century The statue depicts a sleeping Ogier but in the hour of need he will wake up and save the country The statue of Ogier is placed in the casemates of Krongborg The orginal statue was created in 1907 and the one seen at Kronborg is a copy
Location: Kronborg, Elsingore, Denmark