Licenses and pricing

Alamy has the right license for you whether you’re pulling together a presentation or producing a fully-fledged advertising campaign. Below is the pricing for our standard and enhanced licenses which you can select when downloading photos, vectors, and illustrations across Alamy.

To see pricing for our 360° images or images in our Ultimate collection, please get in touch.

What’s the pricing for each image license?

Single image
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5 Image Pack
($19.00 per image)
($42.00 per image)
10 Image Pack
($12.00 per image)
($35.50 per image)
25 Image Pack
Best Value
($9.40 per image)
($30.20 per image)

Note: All price savings based on single image purchase. Taxes may apply to prices shown.

What’s included with each license?

(Up to teams of 5) 
Unlimited web usage across websites and social media - short form video on video sharing sites
Digital and print marketing - web and social platforms, leaflets, brochures and emails
Digital and print publications - newsletters, magazines, newspapers and self-published books (inside use)
Print runs up to 100,000 (print marketing and print publishing)
Unlimited print runs (print marketing and print publishing)
Can be used for reselling gifts and merchandising

*Restrictions may apply to usage, please see FAQ below on "What are the restrictions on certain images? "

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Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase an image pack?

  1. Find the image you would like to purchase from our selection.

  2. Once you've found the desired image, navigate to the license panel showing you the Standard and Enhanced license purchase options.

  3. In the panel, you'll have the option to select either purchase a 10-pack option for your preferred license or select 'View all discounts and pricing' to see all available pack options.

  4. From here, you can choose the pack option that best suits your needs. Click on the button 'Buy now and save' to proceed to checkout with the pack of choice.

  5. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase process, including providing payment information and confirming your order.

  6. Once purchased, you can download your chosen image and the remaining downloads will be on your account ready to use.

What does your 'Standard license' include?

Our Standard license is created for a single user and is designed for:

  • Unlimited web use across social media

  • Websites

  • Online marketing and advertising

  • Printed marketing materials

  • Books

  • Magazines

The license allows for a maximum print run of up to 100,000 copies for any of the printed materials.

The single-user restriction prohibits any sharing of the image or transferring the license to another user.

What does your 'Enhanced license' include?

The Enhanced license provides additional usage rights beyond the Standard license. It allows you to use the image for merchandise, such as t-shirts, mugs, gifts and has unlimited print runs.

The license also allows the image to be shared in small teams of up to five users within the same legal entity or organization.

What is merchandise resale?

Merchandise resale allows usage of the image on merchandise that can be resold. For example, the image being incorporated into the design of a t-shirt or coffee mug that’s then sold on.

What’s your refund policy?

As stated in our T&Cs, once you purchase an item of Content, you agree that you have no right to a refund.

What does editorial use only mean?

Use relating to news reporting, review and criticism, and the communication of information relating to people, places, things, events or happenings. For purposes of clarification, editorial use does not include any use relating to advertising, promotion, marketing or merchandising.

Editorial use visual assets can be used only in informational, factual projects of public interest. They can be integrated in news articles, blogs, educational content, non-fiction books, documentaries, museum displays, etc.

These restrictions apply to all customers, including educational and nonprofit organisations.

Editorial content isn’t cleared for commercial use such as advertising or promotional campaigns, commercial projects, office wall decorations or product packaging. This list is not exhaustive.

Editorial content has no model or property releases on file, so to use it for commercial purposes you’ll need additional clearances from either the people or the owners of the property featured in the visuals.

Do I need a property or model release?

Depending on the image and its content, you may require a property or model release for commercial use. It's essential to check the image details and licensing terms for specific requirements. Please note: Alamy licenses cover only the photographer's rights, and don’t include third-party rights like model or property releases (unless otherwise specified). Before using an Alamy visual asset, you should consider if additional permissions might be required. If you’re using visuals in an editorial capacity, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to worry about third-party rights.

When using an image commercially in advertising or promotional campaigns etc, you’ll need to secure the necessary clearances in addition to the licence you obtain from Alamy. 

Do you offer custom licenses?

Yes we offer licenses for more specific uses. For example:

  • Presentation or printed newsletters: from* £15

  • Online advertising: from* £300

  • Newspaper, magazine or book front cover: from* £300

  • Press release: from* £170

  • Advertising billboard: from* £2,120

  • Commercial indoor display: from* £300

*both our online and our customer prices will increase in certain situations, for example:

The image you’ve selected is from our premium collection or is a 360 JPEG – surcharge +£249.99. The image you’ve selected is in our Live News feed and your use is displayed within 48 hours of live – surcharge +£80. The image is exclusive to Alamy – surcharge from £375. Your use conflicts with a restriction – surcharge from £450

If you have unique licensing needs, please contact our customer support, and we'll help you.

What are the restrictions on certain images?

Please ensure you have read and understood the editorial usage restrictions on any images flagged as 'Editorial use only'.

Images cannot be used on the front cover of books and magazines, usage is for inside use only.

TV and Film broadcast and OTT (over-the-top) delivery of content is prohibited within the Standard and Enhanced licenses. These licenses only cover use on short-form video on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo only.

Images are not for use in commercial display i.e. point of sale, out of home, museums and wall art.

Images can not be used in NFTs or video games.

If you'd like to discuss licensing for anything outside of the Standard and Enhanced options, please contact our Customer Support team on