A "German Woman" speaks at the Pegida manifestation.

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Guido Schiefer / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: FB6X46
A "German Woman" speaks at the manifestation. The xenophobic "Pegida" movement had called on Saturday (01/09/2016) after the massive attacks on women in the New Year's Eve in Koeln "protects Pegida" to a protest march. Also representatives of right-wing parties "Pro NRW", NPD and „Die Rechte“ took part. A counter-demonstration was "Stop Pegida NRW! No to racist incitement! No to sexual violence!" Themed On the night of January 1, groups of young men had targeted women sexually harassed and robbed before the Cologne Central Station from a collection of more than 1,000 people out
Location: Cologne, Germany, Europe