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How to sell images on Alamy

How to sell images on Alamy

Captions and keywords for Alamy

If you’re using the new Alamy Image Manager – here are the instructions. If not, read on…

In order to get your images ready, there are 3 key steps:

  1. Add captions & keywords
  2. Add attributes (additional info about your image e.g. number of people)
  3. Add relevant releases

You can do this in a section of My Alamy called Manage Images. Once you’ve added all the info, you should see the status in Manage Images change from “not ready” to “ready” and your images should be on sale within 24 hours.

Add captions & keywords

Before you start, think about the potential use of the image and what it’s likely to be sold for, the more accurately you describe your image, the more visibility it will have in customer searches, which will significantly increase your chance of making a sale.

The Manage Images tool is pretty straight forward and it will be obvious where you need to add your captions and keywords.

If you’d like more info on the Alamy keywording fields and their importance, check out our handy guide on captions and keywords for your Alamy images and our Blog with some simple advice for keywording on Alamy.

Batch editing

If you have lots of images from the same shoot, or a similar subject matter that need the same keywords, you can use the batch edit tool in Manage Images to speed things up. You can add attributes, license types, captions, etc. to a whole series of images. It’s really easy to use, all you need to do is drag the images you want to edit down into the window at the bottom of the screen.

Add attributes: additional info about your image

After you’ve added your captions and keywords, you need to answer a few questions, like how many people are in the image, do you have a release, and is it digitally altered? They’re simple questions, so it won’t take long. You can use the batch edit tool for this too.

This is also where you select the license type you want.

For more info on attributes and their importance with our search engine check out our Image attributes PDF.

Choosing a username/pseudonym

Choose your pseudonym carefully because this is the name we use to credit your image when it’s been used. It can be your own name, a company name or something completely made up. If you shoot more than one style, you can have multiple pseudonyms in your account to separate and manage your content. A few things you need to know about pseudonyms on Alamy:

  • Your default pseudonym is the name you give during registration, but this can be changed in My Alamy
  •  Your pseudonym is displayed as a link beneath your image on the site. Customers can click on the link and see all the images listed under your pseudonym
  •  You can create new pseudonyms, delete old ones and set your default under the Defaults and Pseudonyms link in Manage Images