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How to sell images on Alamy

How to sell images on Alamy

Additional revenue options from selling images

You have the option to make more money from your images under Additional revenue options in My Alamy.

Sell images though our global distribution network
We have a large network of specialist stock photo agencies who distribute your images in countries and regions that we don’t work with directly or where there’s a language barrier.

Opt in and you’ll get either 20% or 40% commission on the money we receive (after the distributor commission has been deducted) depending on what commission model you’re on. The commission split is different because there’s a third party involved.

Our distribution network brings in 15% of Alamy’s annual revenue so we definitely think it’s worth considering if you want to increase the potential for your images to make more money.

You can sign up to distribution at any time and you can choose the territories that you’d like to sign up for.

You can opt in here or under the Additional revenue options in My Alamy.

Sell your images under unique and novel schemes
Our sales teams are always looking for new ways to evolve our business, whether that’s with the next big idea or a tailored solution for a key client. The images in the novel use pool give our sales teams the freedom to explore these schemes, prototypes and trials, with a variety of price points and licenses. The commission split is the same as you would receive for a direct sale.

If you haven’t already signed up, you can opt in under the Additional revenue options in My Alamy or by visiting the Novel use page.