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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

The contributor contract / signing up

Q. Who owns the copyright to my stock images on Alamy?
A. You do! We don’t own any of the images on our site or hold any copyright, it always belongs to you as the photographer. We just license the images for you.

Q. If I sell my images through Alamy what commission split do I get?
A. When you first sign up you will be on our Gold model (you’ll receive 40% commission on all direct sales). This could go up or down depending on how much money you earn during the financial year. Click here to see our commission models. The commission for some of our additional revenue options is different. If you’re a student photographer you can get 100% commission – visit our student page to find out more.

Q. Are the commission models based on the gross or net amount?
A. The new model is based on your gross amount so the amount before commission. If you earn $250 gross (after refunds) you will earn 40% commission on all direct sales.

Q. Will my commission model automatically reset to Silver each revenue year?
A. No, at the end of each revenue year if your gross amount, minus any refunds is less than $250 then the Alamy commission for sales of your content in the following revenue year will switch to Alamy Silver (20% commission) but if your gross amount is greater than or equal to $250 then the Alamy commission for sales of your content in the following revenue year will remain on Alamy Gold for that year (40% commission). The revenue year runs 1st July to June 30th.

Q. If I sign up to Alamy how long does the contract tie me in for?
A. We don’t tie you into a long term contract. If you want to leave, you just need to give us 45 days’ notice by email.

Q. If I sell my images on Alamy, can I sell them in other places too? Is Alamy exclusive?
A. We’re non-exclusive so that means there are no restrictions and you can submit to other stock photo sites. If you do choose to submit to another agency, just make sure they’re non-exclusive too.