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Why should I sell stock imagery on Alamy?

Why should I sell stock imagery on Alamy?

How much money can I make on Alamy?

The average image license fee on Alamy is $30; we deal with a variety of clients so the prices do vary in different industries and countries. Generally, licenses for editorial uses achieve lower average prices than commercial uses – but our editorial clients tend to license stock images more frequently.

Some examples of our average prices:

  • Advert $500
  • Book cover $150
  • Online $20

On the whole, our pricing is significantly above what you see through microstock sites. We don’t offer subscriptions, but we do have enterprise deals for large companies who consistently buy high volumes of images. We also license a lot of imagery directly through the website for the prices advertised. Prices vary depending on the license type and use; to get a better feel for our pricing take a look at our individual image pages for full pricing information.

The industry has changed – it’s hugely competitive and some clients and industries will only deal with a few preferred image vendors, so for some markets, selling stock through an agency like Alamy might be your only route in.

As well as the traditional stock route, there are some additional ways you can make money through Alamy. These include selling through our global distribution network. Find out all the details about these and other ways to make money from your images in our Sell Images section.