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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Uploading my images

Q. What file type do I need to upload?
A. JPEGs, saved as high quality RGB JPEGs (level 8 or above) at baseline standard.

Q. What file size do I need to upload?
A. We need a file size of over 17MB when uncompressed (this is likely to have a compressed JPEG size of 3-5MB). Opening a JPEG in an image program such as Adobe Photoshop will show you the uncompressed (open) file size.

Q. How many images can I upload at a time?
A.  We need 3 images for your first submission. After that, there are no limits. We want you to submit lots of images, as often as you can.

Q. How do I upload my images to Alamy?
A. There are two ways you can send your images to Alamy.

1. FTP (file transfer protocol)
2. Alamy upload (our web-based online upload tool)

You can get more info on both through the Upload button in My Alamy and by checking out the How do I send you my stock images section of Sell Images.

For information on how to send us your keywords, go to the captioning and keywording FAQ section.

Q. Once I’ve submitted my images, how long will it take before they’re online?
A. 24 hours on average. We’ll send you an email to let you know when you’ve passed QC and your images will then be ready for you to annotate in Alamy Image Manager and then they’ll be on sale when the search engine next updates (within 24 hours).

Q. I’ve uploaded the wrong images by mistake, can I delete them?
A. We can’t delete submissions while they’re in the queue for QC, but don’t worry, when they’ve passed, you can delete them from Alamy Image Manager before they go live on the site.