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Stockimo – News, Likes, Oops and IFTTT

Stockimo Version 1.3 brings with it a raft of new features, introduced as a direct response to user feedback. We’ve resisted the temptation to dream up crazy, but ultimately pointless, additions and gone for functional enhancements and workflow changes designed to improve your chances of making money through your mobile photography. Yes, we want Stockimo to be fun, yes we want it to look good, but we also want it to work.

So what’s new? Well News is new. Alamy sells live news pictures into the world’s picture desks so we’ve extended our reach by giving Stockimo users the option to submit breaking news, sport and entertainment photos via the app. Whether you’re a committed mobile shooter who’s happened upon a newsworthy opportunity or dedicated photojournalist who’s just grabbed the shot on your phone;  Stockimo gives you the opportunity to get it on our news feed in minutes. It’s an optional sign up, whether you opt in or not you can change your mind ‘on the fly’ via your account on the app.

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What else is there?  So what is the Holy Grail for all photographers, the elixir of life, the lost Ark, the flux capacitor, the game changer? Surely it’s the answer to ‘What do buyers want?’ Stockimo answers that question for you by showing a live feed of images on the app that real living and breathing customers ‘like’. Alamy have customers on their site every minute of the day, we harvest their activity and use it to send back a stream of popular Stockimo photos to the app. Customers are viewing, selecting, ignoring, downloading, buying and maybe stroking their chin and wondering ‘what the hell is that’ (ok so we can’t detect the last one..yet).  We use this information to give you insight and inspiration.

© Lancashire Images / Stockimo / Alamy
© Lancashire Images / Stockimo / Alamy

How else does this new version help? We know it wasn’t helpful to get a rejection but not know why and I’m sure some have given up on us because of this lack of transparency. Well we’ve changed that, you no longer have to ask that just been dumped question, is it me or them? We reject for a bunch of reasons, sometimes it’s a real oops moment, for example, you took a picture of your sister but said there were no people in the shot. This may not seem like the most heinous of crimes but we need accurate info to sell photos to the right markets. The app will now tell you why a shot was rejected and therefore if it’s something you can put right. It will of course also tell you if your shot just hasn’t made the grade. Photos get rated and need an average score of higher than 2 (out of 4) to get in. We try and let you down gently by telling you the score. Hopefully this, along with looking at what customers really ‘like’ can help steer your mobile photography in the right direction. We even make a big fuss of you if you get a perfect score (4 out of 4).

© katietunstall / Stockimo / Alamy
© katietunstall / Stockimo / Alamy


Surely there isn’t anything else. Well, we’ve also integrated IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT is a very cool web and app service that enables its users to make connections between devices and platforms. For example you can set up an IFTTT ‘recipe’ which says if I upload a shot to Flickr also upload it to Stockimo. Stockimo is just one of a whole bunch of ‘channels’ you can make connections between. Stockimo’s in good company on IFTTT, other channels include Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and  Ebay. The joy of IFTTT is that you can set up workflows as you want them, so, if you’ve always  wished Stockimo emailed you when your photo gets accepted you can use IFTTT to set that up, if you prefer SMS or a notification on your phone again IFTTT solves that for you. Check it out it, we love it.

That’s all for now, back to work on the next updates, let us know what features you’d like to see via support@stockimo.com or comment on this blog.

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With 30+ years in the industry and 15 of those being Alamy’s Chief Commercial Officer, Alan knows the stock photography business inside and out.