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Get all the creative inspiration you need as we show you 7 of our favourite websites and blogs to find the latest industry news and creative trends. It can be hard to stay on top of all the latest updates and news in the fast-paced creative industries, but with these links in your back pocket you’ll never be out of the loop again…


1. Line25

This blog is perfect for anyone with an interest in web design. With awesome tutorials and fact-filled articles it is a great place for everyone from beginners to seasoned web professionals

2. PetaPixel 

Love photography? PetaPixel is one of the web’s leading blogs that focuses on all things photography! Check out the site for all the latest news and views from the photography world…


3. CreativePool 

This website is a great place for creatives to be, especially if you’re a freelancer. Not only do they have amazing articles and all the latest creative news, you can also share your work and promote your services on their site

4. The Next Web

The Next Web is traditionally a technology site but we love using it to keep up to date with what’s new in the world. It’s a great source of inspiration if you are working for technology clients and a great place to stay on top of changes across the world

5. Wired

With a focus on “what’s next”, we love Wired for keeping us up to date on the trends and big ideas that will change our lives. Great to help you produce client work that’s ahead of the curve…


6. Social media channels

Whether you’re looking for image inspiration, interesting articles to read or the latest news in the stock industry, you’ll find it on Alamy’s social channels! Here’s a handy overview of what you’ll find on our Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages!

Twitter @Alamy – perfect for staying up to date with the latest stock photography news, you’ll find our photographer and customer blogs as they’re posted and a constant flow of creative info!

Instagram @alamyinstagram – the place to be for you daily dose of image inspiration. You’ll find an awesome new image every day, so check back daily to discover great images on Alamy.

Pinterest – Get inspired for your next project with Alamy’s huge selection of creative Pinterest boards! We create a brand new board every month, packed full of our collection’s most creative and striking images.

7. Latest Imagery

If you’re looking for brilliant, new images then our latest imagery pages are a must-visit! Every 2 months, we pick out 8 of the best and freshest image collections on Alamy for you to explore, showcasing photography agencies and individual photographers. What’s more, in alternate months, we update our featured photographers pages to bring you 3 of our favourite image collections. Combine the 2 and you’ll have incredible content to explore every month!

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