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11 helpful blogs for anyone buying stock photos online

Image buying can be confusing and time consuming so take a shortcut to the best advice with a run down of our top blogs from the last 6 months. There’s expert advice, practical tips to help you find and use images and some more technical stuff too. Why not save it or add it as a favourite so you can refer back to it as you work – or in a moment of panic!

If you’re new to Alamy, we’re the world’s largest online stock photo agency, and with over 60 million images in our collection we think we’re the perfect place to find images for your creative projects. Our team know a lot about using images too, so we hope you find our advice and updates useful.

For a rundown of the basics and some top tips on stretching your budget try our blog New to buying images? Make your budget go further with these top tips.

Finding images

Want your lunch hour back? Speed up your image searches with these top tips
This blog is perfect for anyone new to buying images, it covers all the basics of searching for images including keywording tips, search filters and other permissions.
Copy space – finding it and using it
If you want to overlay your company logo or copy on to your image you’ll be looking for images with copy space. This blog talks about on trend image styles, how to find images with copy space and answers some FAQs about using the image.
How to write the perfect picture research brief
Do you use picture researchers to help you find the images you need? We’ve worked with our team of researchers (who have over 25 years experience between them) to put together a list of do’s and don’ts for writing the perfect research brief.

Using images in your projects

Is it safe to use Google Images?
You’ve probably heard a few conflicting things about using Google images for your project. This blog breaks down how to find images on Google, how to check they’re safe to use and a quick rundown of the alternative ways to source imagery.
3 ways to optimise your blog with images
Are you looking for an image to use on your blog but don’t know where to start? This blog includes 3 top tips to help optimise your blog with images.
The best images to use in your social media campaigns
Looking for a way to increase engagement for your next social media campaign? This blog explains why using images might be the answer and some suggestions on what type of images to use.

The technical stuff

Which image file type do I need?
With so many different image file types around, it can be hard to understand which one you need when you’re new to image buying. This blog has a quick breakdown of some of the most frequently used images file types and when to use them.
When and how to upsize an image
Sometimes you might find the perfect image for your project but the file size is just a little bit too small. So, what do you do? This blog includes a quick guide to upsizing the image.
The one thing every designer needs to know about buying images
If there’s one thing you need to know about buying and using imagery in design it’s how to make sure you have the right file size for your project. It’s the key to saving you time and money. This blog shows you how to check the file size, for more information on what file size you need check out the blog below.
How to choose the right file size for your project
When buying images you’ll need to know what file size is most suitable for your project. This blog outlines how to decide what file size you need and includes a handy diagram you can print and share.

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