Annan Railway Sign, Dunfries & Galloway,Scotland,UK

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Annan Railway Sign, Dunfries & Galloway,Scotland,UK
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Image ID: EY3RM8
Telegraph News from Nov 2016 - Abellio braces for Scotrail franchise battle as political pressure mounts Transport operator Abellio is bracing for a battle with the Scottish Government to hold on to its Scotrail franchise as fresh data showed the number of delayed trains is increasing. The Dutch company has admitted that its performance is not good enough but said after a scathing attack at the weekend from the Scottish Government that it would “have no problem” competing with a public-sector bidder for Scotrail. Abellio won the franchise to run Scotland's train services until 2025 two years ago, but has since been fined £438,000 due to continued delays on its trains. More info, see
Location: Station Road,Annan,Dumfries and Galloway,Scotland, UK