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Spruce up your projects and keep them looking fresh with our top picks from the Alamy collection. We’ve taken some of the trending topics across the creative industries and show you how to use images to reflect them in your projects.


As one of the most talked about topics right now, it’s no surprise that diversity has emerged as a trend. We’re seeing an uplift in the number of brands, marketers and advertisers using a more diverse range of models and images. We’re progressing as a society and are taking more positive steps every year. 2016 was branded the ‘year of the transgender advertisement’, while 2017 saw huge pushes from leading authorities to abolish gender stereotyping in advertising. And now as we head into 2018, the focus has turned to achieving full inclusion of all minority groups.

From the education sector to the creative world, expectations are changing and people are looking for representation of a range of ethnicity, ages, gender, sexuality, religion and abilities in the images they see.

Trending - Diversity

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Lifestyle imagery is a recurring trend across the creative industries, but it can be tricky to be on top of exactly what aspects of lifestyle are trending right now. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you out.

  1. Health & fitness imagery: there’s been a surge in the popularity of images featuring healthy living, fitness and weight management, as people use the new year to try and inspire positive lifestyle changes
  2. Food photography: food photography is also enjoying some time in the limelight, with mobile food photography being particularly on-trend right no
  3. Friends, families and relationships: where would we be without our friends and families? It’s no surprise that images depicting relationships of all kinds are up there with the most prominent trends in both the UK and the US. From couples to groups of friends, people in natural, everyday situations are hugely popular right now

Trending - Lifestyle

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