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Why do Alamy have Quality Control (QC)?

Want to know more about Alamy Quality Control? If so, read on.

When you’re a stock photo agency with over 60 million images available for customers to download, you need to make sure they’re of a high technical standard. That’s why here at Alamy we’ve got a Quality Control (QC) Team. All of your stock submissions pass through our various QC processes where we assess your images before they make it on sale.

We know the importance of delivering a quality product to our clients. Images we sell on a daily basis can be used from anything as varied as on a website, an art poster or even right the way up to a large billboard. This means the better quality the images, the more chance they will have of reaching a wider audience.

We love the diversity of subjects available on Alamy and we happily accept a plethora of different kinds of imagery. It’s for this very reason we don’t edit on content, just on technical quality (although we do ask that you don’t submit ‘Unsuitable Material).  The reason we check is so that our clients are going to be happy with the technical standard of the images that they purchase. This “open-door” policy means we have a broad base of contributor styles, but the work that ends up online is always of the same top-notch standard that our buyers have come to expect.

Abandoned building.
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All the gear – no idea

It’s all very well having the latest, most innovative and expensive new gear, but if you don’t know how to use it properly then you’re never going to get the best from it. The first thing you should do is (RTFM) or ‘read the manual’. Take some time out to read this handy book, ‘Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs’, which gives some really useful camera and workflow tips. How about some tuition? Why not enrol on an evening class, most local further education establishments will offer some kind of photography courses.

Anyone can take a great picture – but not every image can pass Alamy QC

So you’ve taken a really nice looking shot and you’re very proud of it, others have said it looks great too. Sadly that’s not enough, you need to have the technical knowhow to back this up. This means your images must be sharp when viewed at 100%, be in focus and have the correct exposure. Make sure that you’ve read our Submission Guidelines to see what we require.  Adobe has also got these great Tutorial Videos for Lightroom and Photoshop to provide tips and tricks on how to improve your workflow/post production and making them simpler to use and navigate.

Passing Alamy QC isn’t hard

10 years ago an average DSLR would have been around 8 megapixels and would cost substantially more than it does today. Back then we asked for a huge 48MB file and had a 70% pass rate! Nowadays we ask for 17MB file and our pass rate has gone up to 90%. So with the huge leaps and bounds in camera development and accompanying software, coupled with the lower cost of buying, it’s now even simpler to pass QC.

We want your images on our site and we want you to pass our checks. Alamy Quality Control isn’t a dark art, it’s a necessary process to provide our customers with the images they need and ultimately give you – the contributor – the ability to showcase your portfolio to a wide audience.