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72 hours of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Thursday 24 February 2022 marks the day that Russia launched a full invasion of Ukraine.

Conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in 2014 when fighting broke out around the status of Crimea and parts of Donbas. Confrontations continued in the region between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists.

But 2022 marks the year that conflict escalated as Europe, and indeed the world, reeled in horror; the year that Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. European stability hasn’t been shaken like this since WWII.

These pictures, from the first three days of conflict in 2022, showcase the devastating effects war has on ordinary citizens, including many Russians who have family and friends in Ukraine.

Matt Yau

Matt started off as a live music photographer covering up-and-coming bands in Brighton, and since then has become enamoured by the power of pictures. With a penchant for storytelling, he's on a mission to uncover unique images from the Alamy library and tell the story behind them.

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