Warrington Interchange / Warrington Bus Station, 7 Winwick St, Cheshire, North West England, UK, WA1

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Image ID: PEHG2R
Warrington's Own Buses has always rallied against rival bus companies to hang on to its market, and has always succeeded thanks to loyal support from the local community. We strive to deliver the best possible public transport service for Warrington, and our community ownership gives locals a real say on transport strategy. We carry over 6 million passengers per year using a fleet of 91 buses that operate approximately 5 million kilometres in service per annum. Warrington is currently one of the fastest growing economies in the North West and high quality public transport is essential to the town's continued development. With seven non-executive directors on our board, as well as three locally based, full-time management directors, we combine the best of private sector experience with public sector ethos, allowing local people to make local decisions about the running of local services.
Location: 7 Winwick Road, Warrington, UK