RF2EADFTMFemale doctor with surgical mask and in gloves giving vaccine injection to man in hospital. Vaccination during COVID-19 pandemic
RF2EE6NYHFemale doctor with a stethoscope on shoulder holding syringe and COVID-19 vaccine. Healthcare And Medical concept.
RF2BP93NXVaccine Coronavirus and Covid-19, syringe injection. COVID-19, nCoV 2019 vaccine. prevention, immunization and treatment. Medicine infectious concept.
RF2CFRCDRBiology and science. Scientist holding a syringe and vaccine vial. Global alert. Vaccination. Covid-19. Coronavirus. Research.
RF2CH29E7Coronavirus vaccine. Man in white safety uniform, mask and glasses holding coronavirus vaccine ampoule and syringe. COVID-19 pandemic cure concept
RF2E1CCYWClose-up on hands in gloves with syringe and shoulder of the patient, teen kid. Covid 19, flu, tetanus or measles vaccine concept. Medic, doctor or
RF2BD0MRECoronavirus COVID-19 vaccine vial and injection syringe in scientist hands concept. Research for new novel corona virus immunization drug.
RM2F3H020Mont-Saint-Aignan (northern France) on January 5, 2021: vaccination campaign against COVID-19 for nursing home residents at “Ehpad Boucicaut”, first p
RF2B9MGK6Male scientific on protective suit with a vaccine vial coronavirus, medical concept caucasian man with vaccination covid-19 injection treatment diseas
RF2DC7GWJFemale GP doctor holding ampoule vial yellow liquid,filling syringe jab with injection shot,vaccinating elderly patient,Coronavirus COVID-19 virus
RF2EHY661Yes No words made of square letters and a syringe on blue background. Pros and cons of coronavirus vaccine, concerns and doubts about vaccination
RF2F33DXBVaccination and immunization against covid-19. Doctor in full uniform preparing vaccine. High quality photo
RF2E7KMAEA doctor vaccinates a man against coronavirus at a clinic. Close-up. The concept of vaccination, immunization, prevention against Covid-19