UKD Marlin .TRAILING SUCTION HOPPER DREDGER working in the Aberdeen harbour approach channel, in North East Scotland.

- Image ID: T2EWJF
David Gowans / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: T2EWJF
A modern trailing suction hopper dredger designed for use in open sea and esturial locations, UKD Marlin has the ability and manoeverability to dredge in confined locations such as enclosed docks. The vessel is equipped with twin suction pipes, swell compensators, de-gassing and drag-head jets. She has the facility to discharge via bottom doors or to pump ashore and is fitted with an underwater overflow via an adjustable weir. All dredging equipment is manufactured by IHC, and a fully computerised control and monitoring system is installed to ensure efficient operation. Navigation guidance is by DGPS which, together with digital mapping of the dredge area, provides the Master with precision positioning. The vessel is rquipped with VHF, MF and GMDSS communications, twin radar sets, echo sounder, radio tide guage receiver and mobile telephone, e-mail and fax links.
Location: Aberdeen harbour and bay