RM2ATXYCKBrighton UK 5th February 2020 - Starlings create spectacular shapes over Brighton Palace Pier this evening at their daily murmuration at dusk . More fine settled weather is forecast for the next couple of days in Britain before stormy weather is set to arrive at the weekend . Credit: Simon Dack / Alamy Live News
RM2AHEE70UK Weather: Christmas Eve evening starling murmuration at Ham Wall RSPB reserve, part of Avalon marshes wetlands nature reserve in Somerset, UK.
RMFKY01RAberystwyth Wales UK, Thursday 10 March 2016 UK weather:s As the sun sets, flocks of thousands of tiny starlings fly in huge spectacular ‘murmurations’ over Aberystwyth pier . Credit: keith morris/Alamy Live News
RMH8R4M0Birds in Flight, flying in the clouds at flocks of Starlings at Blackpool, Lancashire, UK. Starling murmuration at sunset. One of the great birding spectacles of the winter is the starlings' pre-roost assembly. Prior to settling down for the night, flocks of these gregarious birds swoop around until there is one enormous, swirling black mass. In the winter up to a million birds, swarm, swoop, shift, swirl and twirl, moving as one while performing amazing aerial acrobatics. this ballet at dusk is a pre-roosting phenomenon known as starling murmuration.
RMM5M876Glastonbury, UK, 24 Feb 2018. UK Weather. On the road to Coxley starling fly past Glastonbury Tor in the background,on a cold winters afternoon. Robert Timoney/Alamy/Live/News
RMN00J3RUK Weather: 04 Dec 2017. Starling murmuration seen at Ham Wall, Avalon Marshes, Somerset, as over a million birds come in to roost in the reed beds on a cloudy evening.
RM2ACBPW6A large starling murmuration at Whixall Moss, near Whitchurch, Shropshire, UK, seen against a glorious sunset - December 2019
RMM6R9R3UK Weather: RSPB Minsmere, Suffolk. 5th March 2018. Starling murmuration on a cold foggy evening at RSPB Minsmere, Saxmundham, Suffolk. March 2018.
RMDR410XPeak District, Derbyshire, UK. 19 Jan. 2014. At the end of a dry, sunny day, tens of thousands of starlings put on an acrobatic spectacle as they swirl in the sky above reed beds on Middleton Moor near Stoney Middleton in the Peak District. The nightly murmuration of the birds at dusk creates dramatic patterns that attract people from miles around. The weather in the UK is set to turn wetter again in the coming days, with rain forecast to sweep in from the west on Tuesday. Credit: Deborah Vernon/Alamy Live News
RF2AKF3R9Starling murmuration at sunset over flooded fields at Whixall in North Shropshire, UK
RMKR68C9Brighton, East Sussex. 19th December 2017. UK weather. Bright red skies at sunset at the end of the day where a flock of thousands of starlings put on a murmuration display above Brighton’s West Pier. Credit: Francesca Moore/Alamy Live News
RMTXXX2YHarty, Kent, UK. 25th June, 2019. UK Weather: a murmuration of starlings this evening in Harty, Kent. Credit: James Bell/Alamy Live News
RMFNB1YJBlackpool, UK. 14th Mar, 2016. UK Weather. Thousands of Starlings swooped around the beach and soared above Blackpool' North Pier as the sun set on the Fylde coast. Credit: Paul Melling/Alamy Live News