Tunis, Kassar-Said Palace, Bedchamber, 1899

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Tunis, Kassar-Said Palace, Bedchamber, 1899 Stock Photo
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Tunis, Kassar-Said Palace, Bedchamber, 1899
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Image ID: T81RTH
Bedchamber of the late Bey of Tunis in the Kassar-Said Palace in Tunis. Bey was originally the title of the provincial governor. From the early 18th century until French colonial rule began in 1881, the bey was the head of state of the Kingdom of Tunis and nominally subordinate to the Ottoman sultan. It was to one of the first floor staterooms of this palace that, on May 12,1881, the French consul Théodore Roustan brought the French General Jules Aimé Bréart to the Bey's privy council to secure his signature on the Treaty of Bardo. Detroit Publishing Company, 1899.