Trees for Town and Country - A comprehensive selection of trees suitable for general cultivation in Britain by Brenda Colvin.

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Image ID: DY85NE
Trees for Town and Country "was first published just after the end of World War II. It had been prepared during the war years by a group known as the Association for Planning and Regional Construction, and it looked forward to a renaissance of tree planting." The book proved to be popular and informative and so was republished as a fourth edition in 1972 with a distinctive new cover depicting tree bark. Inside (not shown) the book contains exquisite line drawings by S R Badmin displaying a wide range of native, introduced and ornamental trees. The drawings also give useful visual advice about the timescale of tree growth in terms of height and spread. Two pages are devoted to each tree type, including photographs of mature trees in situ. The accompanying text gives further detailed information about cultivation and suitability for particular planting places, eg: lawn, roadside, town, street, village green, etc and was written by Brenda Colvin, a foremost UK Landscape Architect of her day.
Location: UK