Three-quarter front view of a 1903 Darracq in the Veteran Car Concours d'Elegance, at the 2018 Regents' Street Motor Show

- Image ID: R4AWTY
John Gaffen / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: R4AWTY
A Darracq and Company Limited owned a French manufacturer of motor vehicles and aero engines in Suresnes, near Paris. The French enterprise, known at first as A. Darracq et Cie, was founded in 1896 by Alexandre Darracq after he sold his Gladiator Bicycle business. In 1902, it took effect in 1903, he sold his new business to a privately held English company named A Darracq and Company Limited, taking a substantial shareholding and a directorship himself.
Location: Regents Street, London, UK