Three German medallions (2 of 2), WW1

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Three German medallions (2 of 2), WW1 Stock Photo
Three German medallions (2 of 2), WW1
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Image ID: DRJ020
Three German medallions from the First World War. At the top is a large round medallion bearing the words: Gott Strafe England (May God Punish England) 18 Februar 1915, with Neptune sitting on a submarine, watching a sinking ship and shaking his fist (a comment on British attacks in the English Channel on German ships and U-boats). Below is a smaller round medallion bearing the date 1914, showing an allegorical female figure representing Peace, hovering above soldiers firing their weapons on a battlefield. At the bottom is an oval medallion bearing the words: Der Lugenfeldzug des Vierverbands (The Campaign of Lies by the Quadruple Alliance) 1914, showing an allegorical figure representing Lies or Untruth, blowing a trumpet and riding in a chariot (representing a victory procession to Berlin, Vienna and Constantinople) over the heads of German soldiers, distributing leaflets which read: Germany on the point of starvation, Rheims Cathedral in ruins, end of the barbarians, revolution in Berlin. (2 of 2) - Year: 1914-1915