The Gateway Community Resource Centre, Charity Resources, 89 Sankey Street, Warrington, Cheshire, North West England, UK

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The Gateway Community Resource Centre is a wonderful location for charities in Warrington to be based. The Gateway serves as a bridge between the local community, public sector and voluntary/community organisations and provides assistance, advice and guidance to cater for community needs. It provides a much needed place for people from different backgrounds to engage and interact. The Gateway has a variety of sized rooms able to cater for all types of events from conferences, seminars and board meetings to exhibitions and we can easily tailor our facilities to suit your requirements. We aim to provide a comprehensive service to fulfil your business needs. Gateway organisations include: Acorn Recovery Projects, Cheshire & Warrington Carers Centre, Citizens Advice, Connect, Cooper McCann Counselling Services, Footsteps, Healthwatch Warrington, Housing Plus, Lifetime, Military Veterans Hub, O.P.E.G OPEG, Private Sector Housing, Relate, River Reeves Foundation, Speak Up, The Children's Society, Vunerable Tenancy Support Scheme (VTSS), Warrington Community Living (WCL), Warrington & Halton Eating Disorder Clinic (EDS), Warrington Housing Association (WHA), Warrington Home Improvement Agency (WHiA), Warrington Voluntary Action (WVA), Warrington Wellbeing, Warrington Women's Aid The Gateway is an independent charity and all of its tenants are committed to improving the quality of life of people in Warrington. Providing a joint 'first stop shop' giving access to advice, services and opportunities for all, whilst enabling the voluntary sector to work together and in partnership with others, efficiently and effectively. Built in 1875 and following a reconstruction in 1972-1974, Warrington Housing Association purchased the building in 2002.
Location: 89 Sankey St, Warrington WA1 1SR