The dreaded guest by Carl Hassmann

- Image ID: E1GKJA
World History Archive / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: E1GKJA
The dreaded guest by Carl Hassmann, 1869-1933, artist published 1905. William II, emperor of Germany, standing in the middle of a narrow cobblestone street, possibly in Italy (the pope, wearing the papal crown, is walking down the street, into the background), taking a visiting card labeled "Wilhelm" from a small pouch in his left hand. The French flag is hanging above a door labeled "RF", on the left, where a man is leaning out a window. Austria appears to be the next door on the left, and other rulers lean out windows on both sides of the street. At William's feet is a suitcase with labels "William Berlin, Hotel Britain, Polar Star, [and] Morocco".