Terrapin on Great Crested Grebe's floating nest/eggs.

- Image ID: MKRGYY
fotolincs / Alamy Stock Photo
This terrapin chose to haul out and sunbathe on top of the floating nest (with eggs) of a pair of Great Crested Grebes. (Podiceps cristatus). The grebes were terrified of the terrapin but after about an hour under the very hot sun they decided to sneak in with beakfulls of weed to cover the exposed eggs from the sun. After about an hour and a half the terrapin slid off into the water and one of the grebes fled as if being chased by the terrapin. The grebe put distance between itself and the nest and stuck its head underwater to check that the terrapin was not chasing it. After all this the grebes resumed incubation.
Location: Cleethorpes Country Park, Cleethorpes, UK