RM2CX5R8MSpiral stirway at the Gdanski bridge Warsaw
RFA0TT20Old stone staircase
RFE47F4Pspiral stone stairway inside an old palace
RMCF5Y86A view down the spiral stairs inside the Monument in the City of London. The Monument is a colossal Doric column 61 meters high
RFD5DY9DTrogir, spiral stone stairs of The Cathedral of St. Lawrence
RMPEHRWFLooking S down the spiral stone steps of Old Light, Lundy Island, Devon, UK, from just below the first full floor to the half floor & ground level.
RFJX863WSpiral staircase vanishing downstairs. Stone steps and walls of tower. Stairs of old building
RF2C3NT73Old stone spiral staircase
RMDT2221A winding stone staircase leading down into the depths of a tower
RMCY08TBOld stone spiral staircase with handrail
RFKF3T9MDungeon spiral staircase, going down. Shows beautifully lit old steps.
RMMNRKPPSpiral stairs inside of a historical tower, Wiltz, Luxembourg
RF2BC37TJOld stairs in spiral staircase with hand toned in classic blue - color of the year 2020