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AlamyRank and the Diversity Algorithm

Patents Pending 0505007.5, P53380GB

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© Stockbyte Platinum
Alamy contains millions of images from tens of thousands of photographers and collections. To help our customers navigate through these images we have devised a revolutionary new approach to sorting search results based on customer activity.

AlamyRank records all the images that are seen in search results by customers called ‘views’. The system also records when customers click on, and purchase, images they are interested in. Images that are seen but seldom clicked move down the results. Images with a greater proportion of clicks to views are moved further up the results.

This creates a strong incentive for our contributors to accurately describe their pictures. Contributors who over-keyword or incorrectly keyword their images will be penalised, whereas those who are more accurate will gain greater visibility.

The Diversity Algorithm works alongside AlamyRank to show images from a mixture of contributors of a similar rank. This stops the search results from becoming overly dominated by collections with the highest combined scores of AlamyRank and relevancy.

AlamyRank version 1.0 is a new product and it will take time for our contributors to respond to customer search activity. This system is laying the foundations that will, in the long run, create more accurate search results for our customers.