Zhongjiang Pagoda in Wuhu City Anhui Province

- Image ID: AG351W
China Images / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: AG351W
The Zhongjiang Pagoda, located on the dam at the junction of Yangtze River and its tributary drain Qingyi River, is one of the key preservation units of historical and cultural relics in Wuhu. Being constructed for 50 years (1618-1669), it is a brick and wooden Buddhist pagoda with five-storey and eight flying corners. Each of the eight sides is of 4.1 meters long and the pagoda is of 43.7 meters high with a top part of 10.16 meters.The pagoda was rebuilt in 1988, and now stands side by side with the modern buildings, constituting a unique combination of both ancient and modern civilizations. It is named Zhongjiang Pagoda due to the location of Wuhu city in the middle part of the Yangtze River. Since West Jin Dynasty and Southern and Northern Dynasties (265-589), it has long been the beacon for boats on the river at night.

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