Women reading a travel guide in the main underground station in Frankfurt am Main.

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Hector Chapman / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: C7YMTG
Girl in front of a German map of the underground system in Germany. She is reading a travel guide. U-bahn is the name for the German underground rapid transport system. They run on electric rails and although they do not exclusively run underground they are usually in tunnel systems under major cities. Frankfurt Am Main is the largest city in the German state of Hessen. It has a very big and thriving business district and is home to the European central bank. Indeed, it is the largest financial centre anywhere to be found in Europe and is characterised by its many skyscrapers which dominate the Frankfurt skyline. It is also a major transport hub for Germany. Germany is a country situated in central Europe and is considered to be one of the leading powers in the European union. Historically, Germany has always been a leader in both technical and cultural terms. Germany, as it exists today is a relatively new country formed in 1871. Before that Germany only existed as a group of Germanic tribes and was concurred and occupied by both the Romans and France. Germany has one of the worlds largest economies and is a federal parliamentary republic. Germany has the Euro for it's currency and is one of the pivotal powers in the European Union. along with France and the United Kingdom.
Location: Frankfurt am Main