Witanhurst House Highgate North London UK

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Witanhurst House Highgate North London UK
Jeff Gilbert / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: C9B30N
Photo:Jeff Gilbert 01.09.2011 Witanhurst House. Highgate, North London.The house was bought in 2008 for £50 million by the offshore company Safran Holdings. It was then rumoured that the real buyers of the house near the summit of Highgate West Hill, which enjoyed a brief turn in the limelight as the Fame Academy house in 2002, were construction tycoon Elena Baturina and her husband, Yuri Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow. The couple have repeatedly denied all such reports and have taken legal action against those who have suggested otherwise. No other names have ever emerged but the very rich are often extremely secretive.
Location: Witanhurst, 41 Highgate West Hill, London, England, UK