Winter in Northern Velebit National Park in Croatia, Europe

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Winter in Northern Velebit National Park in Croatia, Europe
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Image ID: C11N6W
The Northern Velebit National Park was designated on 09th June 1999., while the Public Institution was founded on 16th September 2001, according to the Parliament's firman. The area was designated a national park due to its richness of carst phenomena, outstanding biodiversity and exquisitely beautiful nature on a relatively small area. The Park covers the surface of 109 km2, and inside there is the Hajdučki & Rožanski Ledges Strict Reserve, famous for its geomorphological phenomena - the pits. Until now, there are more than 150 pits discovered, out of which the most famous is Luke's pit, discovered in 1992. It is forbidden to thread through the reserve (except passing the Premužić's trail), and only scientific researches and educational visits are allowed, according to the decision of the eligible ministry or some other institution in charge. As parts of the park, there are the Visibaba botanical reserve, with a rich founding of the endemic Croatian Sibirrhaea (Sibiraea altaiensis ssp. croatica), and the Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika kosa botanical reserve, famous for its outstanding collection of species of the mountain flora. Inside the reserve there is a widely known Velebit Botany Garden, founded by the pharmacology professor Fran Kušan in 1967.
Location: Northern Velebit National Park, Croatia, Europe

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