Window in abandoned tower 4

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Window in abandoned tower 4
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Image ID: B2D4BC
Martin Garcia is a small crystalline island (it´s made of granite and other igneous intrusive rocks) located in the River Plate or Rio de la Plata at the Mouth of the Parana River Delta. Even though it is located only 2 km away from Uruguay, it belongs to Argentina. The island has a fascinating history that includes a military background since the 19th century. It used to be a yellow fever quarantine area for immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century and it also was the stage for a jail. Famous historic men were imprisoned here: Yrigoyen, Peron and Illia: 3 former Argentina Presidents. Now, only 100 people inhabits the island living on tourism. People come to walk around the old and run down town, to do birdwatching, fishing and other outdoors activities and enjoy beautiful sunsets. The island's bakery is one of the best in Argentina!!!
Location: Martin García Island, Buenos Aires, Argentina