Warrington Public Baths Sign,Cheshire,England,UK

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Warrington Public Baths Sign,Cheshire,England,UK Stock Photo
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Warrington Public Baths Sign,Cheshire,England,UK
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Image ID: EY5KET
The first public baths in the town opened on Church Street on 1 May 1851 The foundation stone for Legh Street Baths was laid in 1865 and they opened in 1866. They were originally privately owned by the Warrington Baths Company who went bankrupt. The council purchased them in 1873 and added two extra pools in 1912. This was commemorated in a foundation stone on Legh Street The baths closed forever on 31 July 2003 and stood empty until the demolition company Anthony O'Connor & Sons Ltd from Salford moved in on Saturday 16 April 2011. They had a contract to clear the site in preparation for the construction of a new health centre. The baths consisted of four swimming pools, a steam room, laundry, and slipper baths for both ladies and men. The early boilers were typical ships' boilers (there were two of those) running on heavy oil. Phil recalls spending many a happy hour warming the oil line with a blowlamp in order to get the oil thin and warm enough before the boilers would fire up.
Location: Legh St,Warrington,Cheshire,England,UK