Walsall English Riding Saddle Company, The Stables, saddlers, west Midlands, England UK

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The Industrial Revolution changed Walsall from a village of 2,000 people in the 16th century to a town of over 86,000 in approximately 200 years. The town manufactured a wide range of products including saddles, chains, buckles and plated ware. Nearby, limestone quarrying provided the town with much prosperity. Walsall is usually remembered as the centre of an extensive leatherworking industry, but in reality there was much more. It used to be known as ‘The town of a hundred trades’, which included all kinds of metalworking, tube making, iron and brass founding, electrical engineering, car and motor scooter making, chain making, lock making, and much more. Walsall became a wealthy Black Country town because of its many industries that flourished, thanks to the hard-working, and skilled labour force.
Location: Ablewell, Walsall, West Midlands, England, UK