Vintage Electric Clock,York Railway Station,Yorkshire, England,UK

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Tony Smith / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: G9BJTJ
York railway station is the main-line railway station serving the city of York in North Yorkshire, England. It lies on Britain's East Coast Main Line (ECML), 188.5 miles (303 km) from London. Originally it was part of the North Eastern Railway. Despite the small size of the city, York is one of the most important railway stations on the British railway network because of its role as a key railway junction approximately halfway between London, the capital of England, and Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. It is few miles north of the point where the Cross Country and TransPennine Express routes via Leeds leave/join the ECML connecting Scotland and the North East with southern England, the North West and the Midlands. The junction was historically a major site for rolling stock manufacture, maintenance and repair.
Location: York Railway Station, Station Rd, York, UK, YO24 1AY