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View with Bodensee Lake
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Meersburg is a town of Baden-Württemberg in the southwest of Germany at Lake Constance. It is famous for its charming medieval city. The lower town ("Unterstadt") and upper town ("Oberstadt") are reserved for pedestrians only and connected by two stairways and a steep street ("Steigstrasse"). The name of the town means "Burg on the Sea", the former referring to the castle which, according to a tradition from 1548, was built here in 630 by the Merovingian king Dagobert I. The commune obtained the status of free city in 1299, though nominally still under the Bishop of Constance. In 1803 it was annexed to the Land of Baden. After World War II, Meersburg remained in the French military occupation area in Germany. Main sights: The town is home to two castles, the Old Castle and the New Castle. The Old Castle, built by Merovingian King Dagobert I in the 7th century, accepts visitors. A self-guided tour is available. German poetess Annette von Droste-Hülshoff lived there for eight years. The New Castle was built in the 18th century. Originally the residence of the Bishop of Constance, it was used for various purposes after the Secularization of 1803. It is now a museum. There is an entity of Half-timber houses.
Location: Germany: Meersburg