View of the famous red brick building formerly DRI Dundee Royal Infirmary now modern residential apartments,UK

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Dundee Photographics / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: C9984H
Dundee Royal Infirmary's origins lay in a voluntary dispensary founded by Dr Robert Stewart and the local minister Robert Small. This venture was seen to be beneficial to the community and, in 1793, it was proposed that an Infirmary for indoor patients should be founded. The Infirmary was granted a Royal Charter by George III in 1819, after which it became known as the "Dundee Royal Infirmary and Asylum"and although locals would often simply refer to it as "the DRI".During World War I part of the Infirmary was requisitioned for use as a military hospital. The running of the hospital was taken over by the newly formed National Health Service in 1948/ A specialist Neurosurgery Department was set up in the 1960s by Joseph Block and Ivan Jacobson, who pioneered the use of advanced neuro-surgical techniques at the hospital, and officially opened in 1966.In the 1970s, the hospital became one of the first in the United Kingdom to acquire a Catscan head scanner, when it did so under Jacobson's guidance. Neurosurgery in Dundee would remain at the Royal Infirmary until DRI finally closed in 1998 and is now a Residential Home
Location: Dundee Angus Tayside Scotland UK