Victorious Coalition Field Marshals Blücher and Wellington after the Battle of Belle Alliance( Waterloo ) 1857 Adolph Menzel 1815-1905 German Germany

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Image ID: H404JW
After the Battle of Waterloo, at around Prince Blücher and the Duke of Wellington met close to the inn signifying the end of the fighting. Blücher, the Prussian commander, suggested that the battle should be remembered as la Belle Alliance, to commemorate the European Seventh Coalition of Britain, Russia, Prussia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, and a number of German States which had all joined the coalition to defeat the French Emperor. Wellington, who had chosen the field and commanded an allied army which had fought the French all day, instead recommended Waterloo, the village just north of the battlefield, where he himself had spent the previous night. Nevertheless, in 1815 the Rondell plaza in Berlin was renamed Belle-Alliance-Platz to commemorate the victory.