RFKD89P4Lemon zucchini bread slices served on two plates with a lemon slice on the side. Two cups of coffee, two forks and flowers in a vase accompany.
RF2AN0YG7Two slices of homemade lemon cake served on a black colored glass plate with a stainless steel fork.
RFP8FT8TTwo lemon tarts on plates with forks.
RFBJAN7Flemon cake with sugar topping and two slices on white plate, on reflective surface
RF2BBFYB7Two slices of lemon cheesecake with graham cracker crust decorated with blackberries, lemon slices and forsythia flowers.
RMC0A008Box of Mr Kipling St Clements Slices cakes with two on top set on blue background
RFEC1BG2Two Slices of a tea cake with lemon on plate, sweet food
RF2CCPPJTAngel slice
RME185K4Two “Swiss rolls” slices green orange yellow on a tray have a fork on top with fresh Plain milk in glass
RM2G1AB6ATwo Lemon Pie slices on cutting table decorated with a lemon and the rest of the cake
RF2BX98GGTwo Slices of Lemon Drizzle Cake on a side plate, with a cup of tea
RFPPTAEMTwo Slices of Spongecake on a White Background. Good image for baker or confectioner.