TV screenshot of Guide Plus Channel guide showing the HD channels now available via terrestrial Freeview transmission

- Image ID: C6MMXT
Photimageon / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: C6MMXT
Following the recent switchover from analog to digital TV, terrestrial Freeview has now started transmitting some High definition channels including BBC 1 HD, ITV 1 HD, Channel 4 HD and BBC HD. Bringing HDTV to those without cable or satellite for the first time, via terrestrial transmission. The photo is a screenshoot from a Panasonic Viera TV which has a built-in FreeviewHD decoder, showing the Guideplus channel guide with schedules for the new HD channels on 1st Sept 2011 (the day after switchover at the Waltham transmitter).
Location: England, UK