Trentham Falls, Freshwater Swimming Holes in Victoria, Australia.

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Trentham Falls, Freshwater Swimming Holes in Victoria, Australia.
Alexander Kondakov / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: HRTE4W
Sailors Falls is a semi-circular sink in the landscape, with tall exposed columns of basalt, over which Sailors Creek falls. You can view the falls from the picnic area, which is situated next to the road in an elevated position on the side rim of the sink. When the falls are flowing well, you can see from here how it splits into multiple segments. The steps down to the base of the falls that were damaged in a landslip in 2016 have now been replaced, so as of August 2017 you can also walk down to the base of the waterfall again. Outside of flood periods, a little track alongside the creek leads you over the fallen rocks to get you close enough to touch the water trickling down from overhead. From the base of the falls you can continue walking further downstream, all the way to Daylesford if you want. There is a mineral spring about 400 metres downstream of the falls. However, you don't need to walk that far, because a bore was installed at the picnic ground in 2013, so you can get your fix of tangy, fizzy mineral water only a few steps from the car park. Bring your own water bottles and a couple of lemons. I have tasted the water here and it is delicious. The refurbished picnic area has both sheltered and unsheltered picnic tables and a wealth of information about the history of the falls and surrounding region. It can be a little bit noisy from the cars passing along the Ballan-Daylesford Rd, but it is neat and tidy with a picturesque view looking out over the gorge.
Location: Daylesford Road, Sailors Falls, Daylesford, Victoria 3461, Australia