RF2G3W9B5Lonely birch tree in the field. Frozen birch trees covered with hoarfrost and snow.
RFAPFJFTBushes covered in frost
RMCNTHY9winter morning in the Muensterland - trees with hoar frost, Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia, Steinfurt
RF2EA8J3ASun in blue sky over Meadows, bushes and trees covered with frost. Fabulous Winter landscape
RMD2Y686Trees covered in HoarFrost on West End Common in Surrey on a Winters day
RF2DYC0WKBushes covered with snow in the Park. Plants in the winter forest are covered with frost.
RMF00DB8tidal river Scheldt with reflection of snow covered trees and reed fringe along river Scheldt, Belgium
RFKPGWPCBeauty of winter landscape in snowy park at sunny day. Wonderland with white snow and hoarfrost covered trees and bushes at sunlight - beautiful winte
RF2ED6F5NWinter landscape, frosted trees and bushes in a city park, winter background
RF2E112MRFrosty winter morning in city park with snow and hoarfrost covered. White rime on trees and bushes branches, on green needles of pine. Beauty of urban
RFFW0E33branches of bushes and trees in a park covered with snow
RFPCJRHAThe first rays of the sun on the snowy branches of trees in the backyard of the house.