Tre Whyte & Rob REED at Parkour Ride a multi-discipline cycling event held in an abandoned multi-storey car park, Tobacco Dock, London, UK. 4th Oct, 2014 Credit: Simon Balson/Alamy Live News

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Simon Balson / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: E8CXJA
Parkour Ride is a multi-discipline cycling event with Time Trials & head-to-head elimination race with two riders racing a special circuit up and down the multi-storey car park. The event space varies across all levels, with different spectator attractions, music, food stalls and bars around the circuit. Parkour Ride is open to male and female riders on all kinds of bikes including BMX, mountain bike and road bike (including fixed gear/single speed). The inaugural event was held at Tobacco Dock, Wapping, London, UK on 4th Oct 2014.
Location: Tobacco Dock, Tower Hamlets, London, UK.