The Tay Works was one of the longest textile mills in Britain owned by the Gilroy Brothers and Co in Dundee,UK

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Image ID: D3EY8H
One of the longest textile mills in Britain. W Boyack's works were founded in about 1833, becoming the biggest flax works in Angus in 1836 but bankrupt in 1842. In 1849 "Hospital Ward Mill" was bought and renamed "Tay Works" by Gilroy Brothers and Co (Robert George and Alexander - the RGA cypher in the 1865 pediment). It Became in 1877 Gilroy Sons and Co, the world's second biggest jute manufacturers with plantations near Calcutta and their own ships for jute imports. Specialised in jute carpeting and so became the chief carpet works of Jute Industries Ltd, 1920, with a large dyeworks on Brown Street. Converted to student residences 1986.
Location: Dundee, Angus, Tayside, Scotland, United Kingdom