The spring rains of the River Aune (or Avon) here descend through the gorge above Shipley Bridge in Dartmoor National Park

- Image ID: D981TG
Phil Hemsley / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: D981TG
The spring rains that fell on the boggy slopes to the west of Ryder’s Hill (on Dartmoor) here descend in their unified journey towards the English Channel at Bigbury on Sea. This is the moorland River Avon (or Aune), within a gorge upstream of Shipley Bridge. The name Avon comes from the Old Brythonic (proto-Celtic) term ‘abona’ which means river. *[36 megapixel panorama made from 9 individual ‘portrait format’ sections]
Location: River Aune, Aon Gorge, Shipley Bridge, Dartmoor National Park, Devon