The solar community in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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The solar community in Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Agencja Fotograficzna Caro / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: A32WMY
15.07.2005, Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, DEU, GERMANY - The solar community in Gelsenkirchen. (Germany, German, Europe, European, North Rhine-Westphalia, Ruhr area, Ruhr Valley, Ruhr district, Gelsenkirchen, architecture, architectural, buildings, houses, terraced houses, row houses, solar community, housing scheme, public housing, real estate, immovable, immovables, uniform, uniformity, sameness, same, roofs, gardens, street, street scene, economic, exterior, ecology, ecological, environment, environmental issues, renewable, renewable energy, alternative, alternative energy, photovoltaics, solar panels, solar cells, solar power, solar energy, solar electricity, solar technology, technology, surce of energy, surces of energy, power, energy, source, sources, people, humans, boys, girls, young, youth, teenagers, teens, teenage, pupils, schoolboys, schoolgirls, symbol, symbolic, symbolical, horizontal) 00X050715D019CAROEX.JPG
Location: Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany