The moat surrounding the islands on which Mote Place was built. Mote place was a medieval fortified high status dwelling.

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Brian Hartshorn / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: BT9MFY
Mote place was built in the middle ages, circa 1318. A large expanse of water was constructed using dams and two islands built in the water. One contained the main fortified dwelling and garden, the other more basic dwellings, farm, garden and animal housing. The first owner was a powerful local lord, Sir Edward Pashley and his wife Margaret - who later murdered him! The house and site was occupied until 1654. By 1660 it was derelict and was demolished. All that remains today is the moat, foundations and earthworks. Whilst the maot was mainly defensive (French raids were common in this region of Sussex) it also provided fish as a useful food source.
Location: Mote Place, Iden, East Sussex UK.