The Mighty Comics performing on the iD Mobile Stage at the OnBlackheath Music Festival 2016

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Image ID: H0391D
The Cosmics formed in 1988 and rose to success on the European Ska scene with their blend of original material and carefuly selected covers, delivered in an authentic Jamaican style. They have toured Europe and featured at many ska festivals. A self produced 12 inch Stand Firm / His Name is Dirt was released on their own label, and a flexi disc was given away with a French fanzine (Skactualites) featuring part of their set from the Tic Toc club in Coventry. Some time later, their Vital Rhythm appeared on a compilation CD issued by Pataterceads, a Paris-based label. After a few years on the circuit, the members focussed on their various music projects, individualy and collectively travelling the world, working with such artists as Lee Perry, and gathering together for special reunion gigs. Currently, the Cosmics have re-united, this time with the welcome addition of the legendary Jah Bunny on drums. The mighty cosmics first formed in North London as The Cosmics in 1988 - starting as a 5 piece acoustic combo, double bass, guitar, trumpet, saxaphone and trombone. Going against the grain at the time of the Acid House 'summer of love' 1988 they began busking and performing at street parties, schools,community centres and day care centres, taking their authentic vintage and experimental blend of Caribean mento fusion with European folk music. This would eventually develop into Ska and then Reggae. Soon Richie Warth of Coventry band 21 Guns - one of the plethora of midland bands early exponents of two tone midland sound - joined on drums and the band recorded their first demo at the well renowned St John's wood Rak studios owned by pop empresario Mickey Most who very kindly allowed the band to use his studio free of charge, and together with Chris Dickie former bass player of another Coventry based band Gods Toys, who was now working in London as a sound engineer at Rak studios and in the 'dead time' would give up his free time and have the band in to record.
Location: Blackheath, Lewisham, London, UK