The memorial rock cairn and Knud Rasmussen's house on the cliff Spodsbjerg at Hundested, North Sealand, Denmark.

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Niels Quist / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: EXW2J5
The memorial rock cairn raised in memory of Knud Rasmussen (Knud Johan Victor Rasmussen (June 7, 1879 – December 21, 1933) after his death by Greenland and South-Danish friends in 1936 of rocks from various places in Greenland related to Knud Rasmussen's journeys. Left the house and home of the famous Danish polar explorer and anthropologist. The house is now a museum of arctic exploration and the explorer's life and addiction to wild nature even at his home in Southern Denmark. View of the mouth of the Kattegat Sea and the Isefjord, splitting into Roskilde Fiord or lnlet and the Isefjord right after. The Isefjord is a threshold fiord like many Norwegian fiords meaning that it is considerably deeper in the inner waters than at the mouth.
Location: Hundested, North Zealand, Denmark